The online shop planned in the future which caters to various tastes, spaces and cultures is a culmination of years spent bridging a lifeline across European cities and the Middle East. The personal stories and visions inspiring the multicultural designer of have been turned into totems of her favorite inceptive ideas ready to be shared in new contexts, passing on a halo of inspiration. 

Plunge in, explore the collection of items available in print in various sizes and uses. The prints could be customized for smaller sizes. Kindly get in touch with the designer with all specifications.

On These Ancient Sands
Patron of Wisdom

The vibrant visual of mesmerizing turquoise oceans depicting the secret of what lies beneath the surface of a mystical underworld, emphasizing the connectedness of the universe is now available in various sizes, ready to lift up the mood in your surroundings.

Print Size: 42 cm by 30 cm Available in proportionally larger sizes.

With a smooth, silky finish: the paper printed on has a matt feel.

Inspired by Ancient Mythology, the 3D render of the patron of Sagacity, Wisdom and Sapience is available in an almost square format.

Print Size : 20 cm by 20 cm or 31cm by 31 cm

With a smooth, silky finish: the paper printed on has a matt feel.

Roaming in Barcelona, El PoblE Espanyol

The visual depicting El Poble Espanyol in Barcelona’s Montjuïc is a reflection of a deep connection with Spanish Culture, a dream of transition culminating in an award winning project that landed across borders in a vibrant city and a capital of design. The artist’s personal visit was concluded by a set of photos collected of places cherished.

Available in Square Format: 20 cm by 20 cm

Available in Vertical Format : 50 cm by 68 cm

With a smooth, silky finish: the paper printed on has a matt feel.

Wandering longingly for the world’s wonders near Cologne’s Cathedral Church of St. Peter, Germany can turn into a beautiful discovery of a twin-spired edifice, host to the shrine of the Three Kings. Gothic Architecture can now beautifully complement your modern interiors. Don’t hesitate to discuss the specifications with the designer.

Let’s Collaborate on your next home improvement for a cozy, inspirational feel.

Giclee Prints available in various formats in the UK, Denmark, Holland, Australia, Spain.

Get in touch for exact sizes, specifications, and a complete list of possibilities.

Dinant Je t’aime

A eurotrip that involved the beautiful landscapes of Belgium, including Dinant: the home of the famous inventor of emeraldaline’s favorite musical instrument the saxophone, can now become your space’s new trophy.

Available in sizes as large as: 80 cm by 50 cm

Venice, Italy was the center of the designer’s past work as part of the Hungarian Team representing the country at the Venice Biennale a few years ago. The multicultural city, flooded with tourists enjoying the gondola rides across the canals, or strolling across the rustic streets is an inspiration for many. Discuss the details with the designer.

Sunsets in the Middle East. Available in various “smaller sizes” to be framed, decorating your shelves with vibrant hues of pink and blue. Discuss the details with the designer.

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